Two men on a mission. Reclaiming Carrera's memory.

Pedro Leopoldo Carrera was born on 19 June 1914 in the city of Tres Arroyos in Argentina. The festivities end of April in the Mulazzi Museum to celebrate the 130th anniversary of this city, offered the ideal occasion to reclaim the memory of Tres Arroyo's most successful sportsman at his 100th birthday.  His grandson Marco Carrera and my friend Luis Alberto Venosa were on a mission that day in the museum to bring a tribute to "Carrerita". But this is not all there is to tell!  Luis Alberto with the help of Marco, providing unedited material, wrote a book about the quintuple worldchampion. Below you'll already find some photo's of that day and links to articles in the local press.
Update Sept 2023: Héctor Asef, published an article about Carrera in El Periodista from Los Arroyos, 60 years after his death.
Update Sept 9 2023: Gabriel Sode, journalist of ViaPais, published a great article about Carrera.  Some of the photo's come from our archives. The article contains also some videos. Here is the link:

Find out more about Carrera on this website --> WK 3B 1953 WC 3C Antwerp
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Articles about the tribute in the Mulazzi Museum
Interview on Azul Radio with Luis Alberto Venosa about Pedro Leopoldo Carrera :

Some photo's :

Below : The people presenting a tribute to Pedro Leopoldo Carrera at the Mulazzi Museum.  At the left hand side Luis Alberto Venosa and in the middle the young Marco Carrera, Carrerita's grandson.


The house in Tres Arroyos where "Carrerita" was born.

Foto below : The Mulazzi Museum.  Foto at the right : 83-year old Pascual Ortola, champion swimmer and casin player from Tres Arroyos, holding a picture of Carrera. Mr. Ortola knew Pedro Leopoldo when he was in his twenties.  Some beautiful photo's and text about Mr. Ortola's current life and carreer can be found on   


Marco Carrera and some local billiard players meeting in a Tres Arroyos billiard club. They still use billiard balls dating from the beginning of the 20th century.  Who knows Carrerita once played these balls.