Allerhande systemen voor het Driebanden - Dozens of 3 Cushion Systems

A wealth of downloadable systems, not only 3-cushion but also balkline etc.  Billard-Passion in France
Link to download of over 400 pages of 3-cushion systems by José Laso
Tuzul System on YouTube    




System Joe Laso on YouTube
  Reversed effect - ACBILLAR     




Walt Harris : author of 4 books on 3 cushion systems: Billiards Atlas  and a Dutch translation of the 2nd Volume :

Lots of info and links on Carombil, search for books, another billiard diamond in Webland: Carombil - 3-Cushion 

Notes of Mario J. Sureda on Carombil, 192 pages, 23MB pdf download : Carombil - Libro de Mario Suredo

Several 3 cushion systems explained : Driebandensystemen

Natural angle system: 

Natural 3 cushion shots:

11! 3 cushion systems on the website of the Club de Billard de Sotteville in France :

An interesting 3 cushion blog with many systems:

La teoria de las tres bandas por el sistema de diamantes:

You can download a 123 page pdf-document on 3 cushion systems:

In German :

30-System.  First and in detail explained in the book of Jean Verworst, "Berekend Biljarten".

Maybe you are a non believer when it concerns 3-cushion systems or you are more into a philosophical approach?
Then just read Bert van Manen's view on this intriguing topic : Diamond Systems: Help or Lie?