Filmpjes over Vrijspel - Movies about Straight Rail

Summary of the Belgian Championships Billiards 2015 :
Straight rail forms the basis of all carom billiards disciplines. Derivates like balkline and three-cushion billiards were invented to increase the difficulty of the game and at the same time make it more attractive for the spectator. This could lead to the false conclusion that straight rail is easy to master. In order to grasp the basics of the game take a look at these movies of one of the all time grandmasters of the game, the French Roger Conti. These movies contain some hidden gems which will take you some time to discover, challenging your patience. Let this virtue be the one you'll need most in order to excell in this game, in other words a very good exercise :-). Good things come slowly. These movies are in French.




Frédéric Caudron, libre introduction  : 
Laurent Guenet, verzamelstoten lang/lang op de kop van de biljart - rappel L-L
Laurent Guenet, passagestoten - coups de passage
Laurent Guenet, verzamelstoten voor de serie americaine - rappel série américaine
Serie americaine met gedetailleerde uitleg hoe bepaalde figuren te spelen
Serie americaine, draaien in de hoeken - taking the corners - passer les coins
Xavier Gretillat, 47 manieren om de serie americaine te verkrijgen - rappels série américaine
Xavier Gretillat, 33 verzamelstoten in de breedte - rappels en largeur - From Long rail/Long rail
Xavier Gretillat, 67 rappels in de lengte - rappels en longueur - Short rail/Short rail
Serie Americaine, Hollandse gezelligheid
Serie Americaine en draaien in de hoek
Serie uit de oude doos met klassieke muziek