World Championship Pentathlon 1965 Antwerp

This World Championshionship was held at the same place where in October the WC-ship 3 Cushion billiards will be played.

Following disciplines were played : Libre/Straight rail (500pts), Cadre/Balkline 47/2 (400pts), Cadre/Balkline 71/2 (300pts), 1-cushion (200pts) and 3-cushion (60pts).
Contenders were, in order of ranking 1.Raymond Ceulemans (Belgium), 2.Tony Schrauwen (Belgium), 3.Henk Scholte (Neth), 4.Siegfried Spielmann (Germany),5.Johann Scherz (Austria), 6.Koya Ogata (Japan) and 7.Manuel Girves (Argentina).  

This article describes all results in detail and the obtained records during the WC-ship in French/Dutch :
Artikel Billard Sport Biljart.pdf

The Worldchampionship Brochure :

The organiser, E. Steenput, was my beloved neighbour when I was a little boy. May Eugène as well as his wife and their son Wim rest in peace. Greetings to their eldest son Guy.  The "Sportpaleis" was world famous for its "zesdaagsen" indoor cycling championships that took 6 days and attracted thousands of spectators every day.

Koya Ogata, the winner of the 3 cushion part, ending 6th overall.

Dutch player Henk Scholte and Johann Scherz ending 3rd and 4th.  Manuel "Manolo" Girves would end 7th.

Raymond Ceulemans and Tony Schrauwen ending 1st and 2nd.

Koya Ogata would give Ceulemans a beating in the 3 cushion part, although Ceulemans would play a higher overall general average.

Most players found some rest and nice beer at the Boerinnekens, the grand café managed by Clement Van Hassel and his wife.  Clement is standing up at the left side, looking into the camera.  Ogata sitting at the left, Ceulemans sitting 2nd from the right.

Filip Steurs
September 2013