Information about our billiards website

BC De Deken is a carom billiards club. Most popular games played in our club are 3-cushion billiards and straight rail.  From time to time 1-cushion and balkline are played as well.  All 7 tables in the billiard room are pocketless. There are 3 match tables (2,85 m) and 4 small tables (2,10 m).  
The goal of our website is to share information about our billiard club, our club teams and cue sports in general with a focus on carom billiards. You'll find lots of billiard links, footage of matches and billiard lessons, information about the rich history of billiards and 3-cushion systems. Filip Steurs also shares information about his billiards collection (books, magazines, championship brochures, posters and match rosters).
Photo copyright Daniel Rhys
Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have an interesting story to tell or a question to ask via our contact page.
When we publish information on our site we always try to mention our sources and respect copyright. Should we have published non-authorised information, just let us know and we'll remove this information. Biljartclub De Deken is a non-commercial organisation.
The 2 photo's below are of the Lotto Arena in the city of Antwerp, the venue where the 2013 Worldchampionship 3-cushion billiards was played. The Lotto Arena Hall is close to our carom billiards club.  Later that year in November the Lotto Arena Hall did host a World Snooker Federation tournament.


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